Anton Samoilenko is the general director of the production company VP Productions, as well as the chairman of the organizing committee of the production center "Our Heroes Productions".  These centers offer everything you need to promote music projects and young artists.  Anton helps young artists achieve great musical success.  Anton promotes such projects as: The Russian Maslenitsa Festival, the International Spiritual and Patriotic Project for Our Heroes, the international public competition "Public Recognition", the All-Russian Music Festival "We Love Russia", the All-Russian February festival of the children's patriotic song festival.

 Anton was the producer of such events: Ave Maya, dedicated to the memory of the great Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya together with the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, Russian Ballet Icons in London, evening gala Cyprus Russia, Victory Day in London and Moscow, the British Arctic State Star Medal to Russia (medal transfer  Arctic convoy veteran to the WWII Museum in Moscow).  Anton Samoilenko is also the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Civil Committee and the Siberian Alliance Civil Code.

 Since 2006, Anton has been constantly exploring the music industry and knows which means of promotion work best, saving our customers from the need to understand this issue.  Thanks to our vast experience and special flair, our team of experts selects the optimal long-term strategies for each artist.  Our production centers collaborate with Russian and world stars, as well as novice artists, providing versatile professional support.  Our projects are presented on various offline and online sites.

 Anton Samoylenko is dynamically developing a music cluster with specific proposals, ideas and opportunities for organizing entertainment events for professional and private customers throughout Russia, the CIS, Europe, the UK and the USA.  The developed system of partners allows you to use absolutely all the necessary elements of project support in one place for quick and technical implementation of tasks.

 Our production centers are a professional music cluster for artists and show business in general, with the most complete and diverse range of online services.

 By working with the VP Productions production center, you will receive comprehensive PR from the most famous media (interviews on TV and radio, articles in print media, etc.), and will attend major social and business events.  If you want to record a song, make a video clip or use the services of a professional music management (integrated management of your music project) - please welcome to join us.

VP Productions is a music production center that seeks and promotes young talents and contributes to the preservation of traditional and development of modern forms of musical art, the emergence of new talented songs and compositions presented from different regions of foreign countries.

VP Productions helps to expand the cultural and friendly ties of foreign musicians. The production center contributes to the patriotic education of young people, the creation and identification of new musical works, imbued with sympathy and respect for the country in which the musicians and its multinational people live. VP Productions helps to create a positive image of countries and develops the music industry, as well as music content on the Internet, and increases the number of views of this content by users of the global Internet worldwide.

VP Productions implements the following goals and objectives:

- development and strengthening of cultural ties and cultural exchange of the peoples of Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America;
- development of music clusters in different countries
- Promoting the revival of spiritual and moral values, patriotic education of children and youth by strengthening in the minds of the rising generation of high spiritual and moral values;
- development of musical literacy;
- promotion of young talents in the music industry
- development of music education in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America

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